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I went back the next morning when it was bright and sunny, sky was bluer than blue, but this time I was armed with my camera. It took a few minutes, but I finally found this happy little troop of winter Finches.  After photographing them for a when the T went by they scattered and left for a time. Went back the way i had came to see if they had flocked to the other part of the park, but no luck. So I decided to head back to where I had first found them that morning.


As I rounded the corner from un the the T tracks I saw a bird sitting at the tippity top of a tree balancing percariously on a single stick. Oh... I think it is Sharp Shin Hawk... I photograph it from a distance thinking I can blow it up and identify it when I get home...then I walked towards the tree expecting the hawk to take flight any second. To my surprise it did not and as I got closer and looked through my lens I thought I saw a mustache of some sort, now I am thinking a Peregrine Falcon, but no.... I finally made it close enough without spooking the hawk to see it was a Peregrine, but a Falcon still... the prettiest and smallest of Falcons in North America, American Kestrel! I was so thrilled to have him be so patient and allow me to get these shots of him.


A surprise indeed!


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Bald Eagles on the Merrimac Feb. 7, 2013 http://lesleymattuchiophotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/2/bald-eagles-on-the-merrimac-feb-7-2013 It was 18 degrees  with a stiff sharp wind off the river making it feel alot colder than 18 when I arrived at Chain Bridge and Deer Island on the Newburyport/Amesbury , MA line about 8:15 AM. I was there in hopes of photographing  our country's most revered bird, the Bald Eagle. In the winter when the rivers and lakes freeze up in Maine and NH we get Eagles visiting along the Merrimac River, a river that flows directly into the ocean with a strong current so although it will have some ice flows, small moving platforms of ice, it never fully freezes over leaving open water for ducks and Eagles to fish .

There had been reports of a few immature Eagles and one adult Eagle at my target location and with the big blizzard of 2013 coming in the next day, I wanted to make hay while sun shines... literally the sun shinning! I froze during my 2 plus hours up there, but was well rewarded for my efforts with the adult giving us great looks on an unobstructive tree top and then flying and fishing for a few hours.  The immature Eagles were flying about as well.

It was a very cold, but inspirational morning.



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Red Crossbills and Red Polls Jan. 21, 2013 http://lesleymattuchiophotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/1/red-crossbills-and-red-polls-jan-21-2013 I belong to a bird watchers e-mail list fro MA. and read that there had been sightings of Red Crossbills and Common Red Polls at one of my favorite spots, Salisbury Beach Reservation in Salisbury, MA.

I headed out just after 8 AM and arrived at 9 AM, but there was no birds at all! No song, no movement....so I waited a bit and finally some action! It was a flock of 14 Red Crossbills. I was excited at the prospect of getting some close looks and photos of these uncommon to our area birds and was not disappointed.  The failure of the pine cone crop in northern Maine and Canada has driven both the Red Crossbill and the White Wing Crossbills down to our area in search of food, but the Red Crossbill is alot less common than the WW Crossbill.

Although I was thrilled with the Red Crossbills, my target bird for the day was the Common Red Poll since this has been quite a season for winter Finches and I was truly in need of good photos of these adorable fast moving birds. After the Red Crossbills had their fill of pine cone seed and flew off over the marshes, a nice flock of White Wing Crossbills flew in, about 20 or so, and with them a small flock of Common Red Polls.

I was able to position myself on a sand dune at the foot of a stand of pine trees and was treated to both Red Polls and WW Crossbills landing down on the sand and eating the fallen pine cone seeds. Mission accomplished!

There are also a lot of Red Breasted Nuthatches at the beach this year and are another fun little bird to see.




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Pine Grosbeaks http://lesleymattuchiophotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/1/pine-grosbeaks Wednesady, Jan. 9 2013, I drove to Wilmington, MA to where reports of a flock of Pine Grosbeaks were feeding on crabapples in an industrial park.  Having never seen a Pine Grosbeak in real life, this was to be my first Life bird of 2013.

I pulled up at the location the reports indicated and was immediately delighted with a flock of about 30 Pine Grosbeaks in the tree right next to where I parked and they were munching away on the fermented fruit. Totally oblivious to my presence, or they were just too drunk from the fruit to care, the birds delighted me with their chatter and slurpy sounds from their feasting. They allowed me to stand within 4 feet of them and I found muself having to put my 300mm lens in the the shorter focusing mode.

They would , with no reason and no warning, fly out of the tree and retreat to taller ones across the street, only to return to another crabapple tree within a couple of minutes and start the food gorging process all over again. It was a delightful 30 minutes and I returned home full of satisfaction from the experience.


This is one of my favorite images from the photo shoot.


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January 5, 2013 New Lens http://lesleymattuchiophotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/1/january-5-2013-new-lens I decided 2013 should be a new adventure in photography for me. Always looking to broaden my skills, I am taking on landscape and long exposure photography this year.

I bought an EF 17-40mm f/4 L lens a few weeks ago, but came down with the flu and was able to try it out until today. I am very pleased with the sharpness and color this lens yields, but I am certainly on a learning curve. This photo, taken in Marblehead, MA, is a first attempt and a good starting point for me into my landscape work.

I am so used to working without a tripod and living in the world of shallow depth of field with my action and nature photography, but look forward to learning more about landscapes.


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