Larry Peterson(non-registered)
Just browsing through your photos from the Quabbin Reservoir. Wow, those are some magnificent pictures. I need to spend some more time looking at your photos for inspiration.


Larry Peterson
Virginia Beach, VA
You are an extrordinary artist. Thank you for sharing your images.
Larry Peterson(non-registered)
Hi Lesley,

We met last week on the beach in Fort Island Trail Park, Citrus County, Florida. You were kind enough to share some tips with me about photographing wildlife, equipment, etc. As a novice photographer I thank you again for spending some time with me. I will enjoy looking at your photos here I'm sure. I shot about 800 pictures during my trip to Florida, and I hope I got at least a handful of winners. We'll see.
Michael Sheppard(non-registered)
Your simply just great!
Eddie wiseman(non-registered)
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photography!
Kevin Ryan(non-registered)
Those Bohemian photos were great,such detail, super job!
Patricia Dunn(non-registered)
your photos are beautiful!
Maria U(non-registered)
Hi Lesley
Thank you for such beautiful pictures. Fantastic work
Jim Sonia(non-registered)
Hi Lesley,
On my first visit I went to pbase. This site is fantastic. Very nice work. Congratulations
Albert LeCourt(non-registered)
Hello Leslie. Your photos are 'remarkable' and enjoyable to view.
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