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WilletTree SwallowNorthern HarrierWilletPurple FinchAmerican GoldfinchYellow WarblerBob-o-LinkAmerican GoldfinchPileated WoodpeckersPileated WoodpeckersPileated WoodpeckersGray CatbirdMagnolia WarblerBarn SwallowBob-O-LinkCommon Yellow Throat WarblerCommon Yellow Throat WarblerYellow WarblerNorthern Parula Warbler

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Guestbook for May Images from Topsfield, Plum Island, and Salisbury Beach 2014
Brian Moriarty(non-registered)
Beautiful gallery. Thanks for sharing it. The Pileated with open wings atop the old tree is particularly stunning and perfect. Rest is pretty awesome too. I spent a very short pilgrimage (30 minutes) at the Pileated tree in IrWR. Quite a scene there. The Salisbury Snowy Owl crowd in Spring!
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